Story of Saumil Varse


Little eyes that dream big

And a heart that wishes to learn,

Small fingers, clutched around the numbers in Math

and sometimes wrapped around that cricket bat!

Coming from Damu Nagar in Kandivali, this class IV kid of C.U.Shah Sarvajanik School knows how to spin dreams and live moments of life like they are firecrackers up above, sparking and beautiful. With father being a rickshaw driver and mother a homemaker, Saumil Verse is an elder brother to an adorable two-year-old sister.

His charisma of succeeding was oft-attacked by an empty stomach and sickness, however, dreams are not meant to die of hunger.

It has been four years now since his school started taking Mid-Day Meals from Annamrita and Saumils sickness and absenteeism from school have both taken a way off. After all, for little stars like him, food is never to be a reason for not rising.

When I started eating the Annamrita khichdi 3 years ago, I didnt want to eat dal and rice for lunch but then our Principal explained the importance of this healthy meal she said it would make us smart and strong.

Now that he eats well he can concentrate well on his favorite subject Maths, as he suggests with a grin- I am always in the top 5!

Feeding stomach is a way to feed dreams and better futures.

With Annamrita by Saumils side, he will surely soar high! / For all the dreams this little boy has, Annamrita will wave winds to his soaring dreams!


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