• 2 june train drvr

    Pallavi Anil Ebhad- Cruising her way to a bright future

    There is no elevator to success; one has to take the stairs. Well, this one would rather take the train. Meet Pallavi Anil Ebhad, a 5th standard dreamer from Z. P. School, Kokner in the Palghar district of Maharashtra. This young girl has unique ambitions of her own. Coming from a family where her father […]

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  • 19 may doctor

    Dilnawaz Shamsher Khan-Mission to heal the world

      Dilnawaz Shamsher Khan, his name itself reveals a glimpse of his dreams. For he wishes to someday become a Doctor and serve people, help lives and win hearts! For a child so young to have such noble aspirations is a virtue in itself. Studying in fifth standard at Navghar Hindi School, he is already […]

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  • Yasmin Bhadha(1)

    Each One, Feed One

    For every bite of food gone waste, there is a life that it could have saved. And for every penny spent so carelessly, theres a possibility of making one life better with the use of that penny. This is the idea of Each One, Feed One. In an interview with Yasmin Bhadha, CSR Professional, we […]

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  • 02

    Anish Arun :Dreams Forth Beyond The Borders

    A class five student of Z.P. School of Khutadpada in Palghar district, Anish Arun is a young man protectively taking his dreams forth beyond the borders. Aiming to join the Indian army someday and serve the nation, he is child of charm and poise all ready to become a man of valor when he grows […]

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  • Donor's talk_04_navneet munot (1)

    In conversation with Mr. Navneet Munot

    India is one of the largest agricultural production economies of the world. It also has abject poverty, lack of education and for the worst, massive malnutrition. Children from low to negligible income families often can’t afford a single meal and at times, live only on just a loaf of bread. At times, it could actually […]

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