• DreamersOfAnnamrita_07

    Ajay Harishchandra hopes to create amazing music one day!

    Good or bad, sad or gay, slow or fast, life has its own rhythm but only a few know to make the music of it and dance to this complex but beautiful song! One such artist is this young boy of a small district called Palghar in Maharashtra, Ajay Harishchandra Khatali. A Standard IV boy […]

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  • DreamersOfAnnamrita_01_01 (2)

    Feet on the land and eyes to the sky!

    There are very few amidst all who dare to dream against the odds; who know that there is nothing impossible and that greatest magic is to make anything possible. He dreams to fly, and yes he will. Abhay Jadhav, a 7th standard student of Kashi Marathi School Number 4, a loved child of his parents […]

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