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Blog imageNo matter what age group you belong to, it goes unnoticed that as the exams approach, so does the hunger and craving for food!

While your brain is working multi-levels to study for the exams meanwhile also making a post exam bucket list, the stomach needs to ensure that the fuel, as in, food, keeps coming.

Thus, if you wish to perform well during the exams, its time to ditch the regular unhealthy snacks for some nutrient rich diet. Heres the reason why:


Foods rich in nutrients, fats, carbohydrates are the first to energise your body. Thus make for an important part of the diet. Annamrita provides food that is rich in nutrients and quality, prepared with high hygiene standards, cleaning and cooking process. While many students come to school only on breakfast as little as tea and a loaf of bread, the day meal becomes even more important to keep them fit and energetic during the rest of the day.


Prevention is better than cure. Sickness during the exams is a big red alert sign that no child ever anticipates. So its always better to have a healthy diet and food that keeps you fit and well equipped with all the armour that you need to fight the exams. Nutritious food it is. Also, hygiene standards and cleanliness also matter here.

The food prepared in the kitchens of Annamrita goes through a number of cleaning and sorting processes before finally being cooked and reaching to the children. The rice, for example, is fumigated and de stoned then prepared to ensure pure food minus any chemical treatment. The food is cooked above 90 degree centigrade for proper cooking with over 37 regional recipes.


An empty stomach will never work and will not let you work either. Thus, only if you keep it well fed with all it needs, you will be able to concentrate better on your studies. Annarita provides meals that incorporate good amount of nutrients needed in a childs diet and are hygienic and healthy. With menu differing from bhaat to khichdi or daal and rice and loads other dishes, a lip smacking and healthy meal is all one needs with exams around the corner.

Now you know why a healthy diet is a must during the exam time. So, get set and go for the exams! And dont forget, while you binge, eat healthy!

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