• Donor's talk_04_navneet munot (1)

    In conversation with Mr. Navneet Munot

    India is one of the largest agricultural production economies of the world. It also has abject poverty, lack of education and for the worst, massive malnutrition. Children from low to negligible income families often can’t afford a single meal and at times, live only on just a loaf of bread. At times, it could actually […]

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  • DreamersOfAnnamrita_07

    Ajay Harishchandra hopes to create amazing music one day!

    Good or bad, sad or gay, slow or fast, life has its own rhythm but only a few know to make the music of it and dance to this complex but beautiful song! One such artist is this young boy of a small district called Palghar in Maharashtra, Ajay Harishchandra Khatali. A Standard IV boy […]

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  • DreamersOfAnnamrita_01_01 (2)

    Feet on the land and eyes to the sky!

    There are very few amidst all who dare to dream against the odds; who know that there is nothing impossible and that greatest magic is to make anything possible. He dreams to fly, and yes he will. Abhay Jadhav, a 7th standard student of Kashi Marathi School Number 4, a loved child of his parents […]

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  • DreamersOfAnnamrita_05_01 (2)

    Policeman of Tomorrow – Kishan Shah

        Name: Kishan Rajesh Shah Class: 4th Standard GOAL: POLICEMAN! Son of a father who is a factory worker and mother a homemaker, brother of two more school going boys, Kishan is a boy inspired to give to the society and keeping it safe and secure. Yes, he wishes to be a policeman. While […]

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  • because its actually feel good_05

    Why should you volunteer with Annamrita?

    Best things in life are free or so we have heard. We would say, only if you know what the best things are, can you get them for yourself and appreciate them. Volunteering with an NGO is such sort of an experience that you would like to put under the category of best things. And […]

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