Dilnawaz Shamsher Khan-Mission to heal the world

19 may doctor

19 may doctor


Dilnawaz Shamsher Khan, his name itself reveals a glimpse of his dreams. For he wishes to someday become a Doctor and serve people, help lives and win hearts!

For a child so young to have such noble aspirations is a virtue in itself. Studying in fifth standard at Navghar Hindi School, he is already a keen student at the school who grabs every opportunity of learning while not at all compromising on his fair share of sports and fun. For one to become a doctor and make people healthy I need to be healthy first, he tells us with his most mischievous smile.

Just some poha in the morning is not enough for this little doctor to reach his fitness goals. A healthy lunch is the fuel to his fire. Thus, Annamrita meals help him get the ample nutrition that he needs. He knows the value of khichdi how it is packed with vegetables and lentils that will help him grow strong.

Living in a joint family of 8 members consisting of three dear sisters, parents and grandparents, food very often is in short supply, Dilnawaz is particularly fond of the Pulav and the chikki he gets with his meals at times. Food helps me study better and play my favourite kho kho with my friends in the evening.

We hope our Meal helps Dilnawaz fulfill his mission to heal the world

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