Pallavi Anil Ebhad- Cruising her way to a bright future

2 june train drvr

2 june train drvr

There is no elevator to success; one has to take the stairs. Well, this one would rather take the train. Meet Pallavi Anil Ebhad, a 5th standard dreamer from Z. P. School, Kokner in the Palghar district of Maharashtra. This young girl has unique ambitions of her own.

Coming from a family where her father is a farmer, her dream of becoming a Train Driver is somewhat unconventional and a novel choice and we applaud her for that. Pallavis mother is a house wife and has a brother who also studies at the same school. She lives close to the railway line and sees the train first thing when she wakes up in the morning and last thing before she sleeps at night, this has fueled her vision of driving one of these Mota Dibbas which is what she refers to them as. He family is not worried about her ambitious dreams just as they are not worried about her lunchtime meals which Annamrita takes care of for her. They are more than happy that her meals have worked out so well and are confident that her dreams will also work out well for her.

Pallavi loves the ISKCON meals provided by Annamrita. She has a special preference for their dal bhat. These meals help her stay healthy and energetic, with every nourishing meal taking her one step closer to her hopes of cruising around the country.

We hope our meals provide her the wheels required to reach her destination.

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