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Kishan – A True Victor all set to defend his country | Annamrita

  • Feb 19, 2018
  • - by Annamrita

Name: Kishan Rajesh Shah

Class: 4th Standard


Very few kids aspire to serve the nation, one such braveheart is Kishan. He is in standard IV and his eyes are glimmering with high hopes. Son of a father who is a factory worker and mother a homemaker, brother of two more school-going boys, Kishan is a boy inspired to give to society and keep it safe and secure. Yes, he wishes to be a policeman.

While a long day at school comprising heavy studies and of course loads of fun and mischievous pranks demands enough stamina, a cup of tea with some bread for a meal is surely not enough.

And since this lad aims to be a police officer, we can totally imagine the amount of hard work and stamina that he would need to put in. Thus, getting proper nutrition is a must which he looks forward to every day and now it has become a substantial part of his school lunch program. 

After the mid day meal he gets at school from ISKCON Food Relief Foundation, Kishan says that he can study even better with good concentration. In fact, he has a special liking for Pulav amongst the meals provided at the school and even his parents are happy that he gets good food.

A lot of dreams get crushed right at the level of basic education, sometimes parents can’t afford the education and sometimes, students can’t keep up with the education because of missing out to earn or lack of nutrition. In such cases, it’s on us to make an NGO donation for these kids and help build them a brighter future. After all, a country needs good civil servants and law enforcement officers to protect the nation. And it is up to us to provide the correct nourishment and right tools for these aspiring young minds. 

While having a conversation with him, we realised that many children need our support. As the new session is about to begin, we need to help these children with nutritious and healthy mid day meals so that they can pursue their education in the long run. Many guardians think that the mid day meal scheme is great and gives them peace of mind that their children are fed well on every school day.

At the end of our conversation with the aspiring police officer, Kishan confidently states, “I have to prove my worth if I want to represent my nation.