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Annamrita’s Initiative to Support Healthcare Staff

During the pandemic, the healthcare sector of our country set an example of bravery and determination. Since day one, our country’s hospital staff has dedicated their efforts to restoring the nation’s health.

At Annamrita, we believe that it is essential to provide nutritious meals to the dedicated medical staff during those hard times. And that’s why we started the hospital feeding program with the sole mission of providing freshly prepared, nutritious meals to our frontline warriors who have been fighting COVID-19 with tenacity.

Since March 25th, 2020, Annamrita Foundation, under its Karuna Hospital Program, has been serving meals to all healthcare staff, including doctors, nurses, assistant staff, pathology staff, and office assistants, as part of this initiative. Now the question is – how do we do it? Let’s explore!

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Annamrita Foundation – An NGO Serving Nutritious Meals!

Annamrita Foundation – An NGO Serving Nutritious Meals!

We, at Annamrita Foundation, are on a mission to feed hungry and undernourished people across India through our flagship Annamrita Karuna program. With the help of our team’s efforts, we have already served more than 100 million cooked meals and ration kits.

We are planning for the present and the future!

Annamrita Foundation supports a dedicated team of cooks, helpers, supervisors, and drivers that provides nutritious and hygienic meals to all municipal wards, hospital staff, and daily wagers across India.

Proper food handling techniques are being implemented in accordance with WHO guidelines, including the use of masks, hand gloves, and sanitizers, as well as social distancing and personal hygiene.

Annamrita is working tirelessly to replace hunger with a kitchen team that works two shifts to prepare meals and numerous organizations to deliver them to those in need.

Multiple hospital employees (doctors, nurses, assistants, pathology personnel, and office assistants) who had direct contact with covid patients and people suffering from other illnesses were not getting access to food and other supplies. This program created by Annamrita is to assist hospital teams fighting the epidemic on the front lines. Your online donation aided in the growth of this service and will lead to ‘one less hungry mouth’.

Karuna Program – How Annamrita is Planning for the Future?

We are preparing meals (Khichadi- a mixture of rice, lentils, vegetables, and spices) in our kitchens and have identified organizations that will pick up the meals from our kitchens and distribute them to those in need.

The details about the price are:

The number of meals to be supported per day is 3000.

Meal cost per day: 3000 meals x Rs. 30 = Rs. 90,000

Meal Cost for 30 Days = Rs. 90,000 x 30 Days = Rs. 27,00,000.

Annamrita served a variety of khichdi, based on the day of the week and the preferences of the local palate. Some of the variations and versions are Tamarind Rice, Sambar Khichdi, Usal Khichdi, Mix Veg Khichdi, Palak Khichdi Pulav, Sambar and Rice, Veg Biryani, and other dishes. We serve Aamras or Sheera as desserts on special occasions. The meals are packaged individually for ease of distribution and to adhere to social distancing norms. Meals are provided to frontline healthcare workers within hospitals as well as patient carers outside of hospitals.

We have begun serving meals to all healthcare staff in hospitals and Covid care centers, including doctors, nurses, assistant staff, pathology staff, and office assistants. Due to the pandemic’s second wave wreaking havoc in the country, we have expanded our services to include patient carers, who are stranded outside hospitals without access to food and water.

Karuna Program – How Annamrita is Planning for the Future?

Let's Fight Hunger Together!

Let's Fight Hunger Together!

Annamrita Foundation is really grateful for the support of numerous corporate entities and individuals. Reliance Foundation, Piramal Foundation, Mahanagar Gas Limited, Rotary Club of Queens Necklace, Bayers, Mahyco Monsanto, FUCHS, Bajaj, JSW, Pranic Healing Organization of South Mumbai, Sahachari Foundation, Bharat Petroleum, Thermax, Cipla, Garware Polyester, and Kotak Life Insurance are some of the popular names among charity donation.

Your contribution will enable us to reach more people. Regular access to healthy and sanitary food will not only support our COVID-19 warriors’ efforts but will also limit public movement and eliminate the risk of widespread panic.

Donate money to NGOs today and bring peace tomorrow!

Be a part of the Annamrita Karuna Program to replace hunger with hope