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Let’s Lift up Everyone While Staying Apart

On 25th March 2020, when the nation came to a standstill against the spread of the pandemic, lakhs of people lost access to income, resources, and daily meals. At this point, the Annamrita Foundation decided to leverage its kitchens across the nation to do more than just serve mid day meals. We began delivering healthy and hygienic COVID relief meals to those stranded in the lockdown.

Over the two years, we have been delivering more than 3,00,000 COVID relief meals across 14 cities each day. With a kitchen team that works on two shifts to prepare COVID relief meals and numerous organizations to deliver them to those in need, Annamrita Foundation is working tirelessly to alleviate hunger among various communities during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Rising Above To Fight Covid

Rising Above To Fight Covid

Without a doubt, many segments of our society are still being impacted by the adverse consequences of COVID-19 whether it is the lockdown’s disrupted food supply chains, job cuts, or limited resources. The Annamrita Karuna program focuses on alleviating the ongoing hunger crisis by ensuring that daily wage earners, migrants, hospital staff, and patients receive cooked and nutritious meals seven days a week.

Annamrita has already served over 2 million cooked meals in 14 cities across the country through successful programs like Municipal Staff Feeding, Hospital Health Staff Feeding, Food for Life, Kit of Joy, Flood Relief Program, Meals for Special people, and more.

Help us build a shield for this tough time so that no one sleeps empty stomach.

Annamrita Karuna – Growing With Each Step!

We, at Annamrita Foundation, are on a mission to end the COVID-19 pandemic by providing nutritious meals to people in need. Based on our expertise and the availability of cutting-edge mega kitchens, the Municipal Authorities asked us to provide meals to:

  • Employees of MCGM who provide essential services (about 15,000 daily)
  • Personnel in quarantine and hospital personnel (about 5000 daily)
  • The Karuna Project for Migrant Laborers (about 1.8 Lakh daily)

We request you to be a part of the Karuna Project – Food for Life.

We are preparing meals (Khichadi- a mixture of rice, lentils, vegetables, and spices) in our kitchens. With the support of identified organisations like NESH (Nobody Ever Sleeps Hungry), Indian Development Foundation, YMCA, Art of Living, Giants Club, Arham Yuva Seva Group, and others, we manage the transportation of the meals; from our kitchens to those in need. Our kitchens are committed to providing high-quality nutrition, cleanliness, and hygiene, as well as timely delivery of food in all circumstances.

Annamrita Karuna – Growing With Each Step!

Annamrita Karuna - Every Cent Matters For Every Hungry Heart

Annamrita Karuna - Every Cent Matters For Every Hungry Heart

At Annamrita Foundation, we believe that “every small step matters”. We know and appreciate the constant support of the contributions of our donors, partners, and volunteers, who work tirelessly to make this dream a reality.

Along with that, we are also grateful for the support of numerous corporate entities and individuals. To name some, there are Reliance Foundation, Piramal Foundation, Mahanagar Gas Limited, Rotary Club of Queens Necklace, Bayers, Mahyco Monsanto, FUCHS, Bajaj, JSW, Pranic Healing Organization of South Mumbai, and Kotak Life Insurance.

Your contribution will enable us to reach more people. Regular access to healthy and hygienic food will not only support our COVID-19 warriors’ efforts but will also limit public movement and eliminate the risk of widespread panic. Come join us in our time of need.

Let’s lift up everyone while staying apart!

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