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What does Annamrita do?

Annamrita is a non-profit organization that has been working on providing nutritious food to school children, frontline workers, and the underprivileged for over 17 years, helping them lead healthy lives.

Annamrita has been supporting the state and central govt. to implement the mid day meal programme in all government, non-government and aided schools. Along with this, Annamrita has other food distribution programs like Karuna, Kit-of-Joy and others to support COVID relief meals, mid-day meals for front-line workers, hospitals, etc. Annamrita gets supported by leading corporates and philanthropists in this mission of a hunger free India. Our team and volunteers work tirelessly towards food donation to support needy children.

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What locations is Annamrita present in India?

Annamrita is a food NGO, which is currently working to serve mid day meals in schools, COVID relief meals to frontline workers, hospitals, etc. across India, operating from multiple high-tech kitchens, situated in Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Haryana, Delhi, Rajasthan, West Bengal, Jharkhand, and Tripura. To know more about individual centers, please visit Our Presence.

Does Annamrita Foundation operate in India or other countries as well?

Currently, Annamrita Foundation is present only in India. We don’t have an overseas presence. However, people willing to donate to Annamrita, can donate to charity from anywhere in the world by visiting Our Donation section.

Is Annamrita a registered entity?

What all can I donate/contribute to the foundation?

Annamrita accepts charity donation for children, corona relief fund and others only in the form of monetary donations, which can be done by visiting the offices, through posts or couriers, at banks and online as well. Visit Our Donation section for more information. For non-monetary transactions, such as dry rations, one can get in touch with our authorized vendors.

How to donate for a specific program?

You can visit our offices for in-person donation to make donation for a specific program.

In case of online donations, visit Our Donation page and choose the particular program from the list of all our programs that you would like to donate towards. We are currently accepting donations for all five programs – Annamrita Karuna, Kit of Joy, Karuna Hospital Program, Annamrita Mid-day Meals Program, and Tithi Bhoj.

How to donate to a specific location?

Annamrita accepts donations for mid day meal program, Annamrita Karuna, Kit of Joy, Karuna Hospital program and Tithi Bhoj across a range of locations such as – Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Haryana, Delhi, Rajasthan, West Bengal, Jharkhand, Tripura and more.

For in-person donation, visit Annamrita offices in these specific locations to explore the choices of your programs there and make the donation.

For making online donation to a particular NGO location, visit Our Donation page, you can select the location of your choice from the drop-down menu under the ‘select location’ header available on forms for every program.

What all projects are running and how can I participate?

Currently, we have the following active programs – Annamrita Karuna, Karuna Hospital Program, Municipal Staff Feeding Program, Kit of Joy, Annamrita Mid Day Meals, Tithi Bhoj, and Khichdi Drive.

Individuals can participate by donating money to our programs directly or signing up to automate their donations. You can also participate by spreading the word, volunteering, and celebrating special occasions with Annamrita’s charity events.

I would like to volunteer with Annamrita Foundation, what are the opportunities and who do I contact?

If you wish to volunteer with Annamrita Foundation, send us an email to [email protected] stating what drives you to do NGO volunteer work. Do attach your resume and cover letter to the email, including any prior experience of volunteering in an NGO.

I would like to intern with Annamrita Foundation, what are the opportunities and who do I contact?

If you want to intern with Annamrita Foundation, send us an email to [email protected] including your resume and cover letter to the email, including any prior experience of interning or volunteering in an NGO. If you haven’t worked with an NGO before, that’s also fine. What matters is your willingness to work towards a noble cause

I don’t live in India but I want to volunteer/intern with Annamrita. Can I participate virtually?

As of now, we don’t accept volunteers from outside India to work with us virtually. If you wish to volunteer for Annamrita Foundation, you can Get in touch with us via email or a call, and we will take it further from there to see how we can work together.

I am a corporate/trust, how can we partner with your organisation?

We are always open to corporate NGO partnerships. We already have several leading corporates partnering with us through corporate donations and helping us in our visions. If you are a corporate, you can set up volunteer drives, help us set up new kitchens, sponsor vehicles for food donation and insulated food containers, or sponsor mid day meals for government school children.

You can send us an email at [email protected] and let us know how you choose to contribute. For monetary donations, we have corporate donation programs and accept CSR donations.

How do I formally join the organization?

Annamrita requires NGO volunteers and has several job vacancies from time to time. To join us as an employee and become a part of Annamrita, you can send your CV and cover letter to [email protected]. Let us know why you want to work for an NGO like ours, and we might just take you in!