Annamrita - Most Transparent Online NGO donation Platform in India

Online donation platforms, like Annamrita, bring more transparency to Indian philanthropy. Here’s how.

  • Sep 10, 2020
  • - by Annamrita

Philanthropy has been an integral part of Indian culture for centuries. It has shown the true potential of mankind when the times are hard and hope seems far. This has been proved time and again when calamities and disasters strike. For instance—the 2001 Gujarat earthquake, the 2004 Tsunami, the 2015 Chennai floods, and now, a pandemic. In each scenario, people have been able to step out and give physical help to those in need, except during the times of COVID-19. However, even with restricted mobility, if you truly want to make a difference, you can choose to make an online donation

When you donate money online, knowing how it is put to use becomes very easy. A donor not only gets valid donation receipts but is also eligible for tax exemptions. Many organizations also share regular updates about the fund utilization with donors. From food donation to contributions towards a better healthcare system, no matter what the cause is, online donation in India is quickly becoming the norm for philanthropy. 

Annamrita Foundation, one of the top NGO in India, leverages online donation as one of the ways to ensure maximum transparency for fund utilization. Before you see how Annamrita makes it possible, let us understand why transparency is important in philanthropy. 

  1. Trust: Philanthropy and non-government aided organizations have often been misunderstood in several parts of the world. Owing to this, there are many instances of suspicion and mistrust from the public when it comes to entrusting their money to the cause. Transparency can go a long way in reinforcing trust. 
  2. Partnership: For NGO in India, partnerships with corporates, foundations, and other NGOs are very important. These partnerships can not only help in strengthening their presence in a particular location, but also help in spreading their reach to different locations. Transparency helps build a strong foundation for meaningful partnerships. 
  3. Public Support: Transparency provided about the cause, fund-utilization, and most importantly, the future plan plays a key role in garnering public support for an NGO. With better accountability, NGOs can engage local communities in the cause and gain allies and supporters. 
  4. Strategy: From a planning standpoint, lack of transparency with both internal and external stakeholders can be an obstacle in determining the result of the efforts put toward a cause. Gaining visibility into these details can help in not just understanding the impact that is made, but also in streamlining the process for better results. 

This being said, how does Annamrita Foundation achieve transparency for online donation?


For every donation made toward the projects at Annamrita, we provide an open breakdown on our website. Of every online donation, we utilize 79.51% directly for the raw materials that are used to prepare the meals. 11.47% of the total amount goes toward packing and distribution, while 8.04% is directed toward program management. Finally, a meager 0.98% is used for further fundraising. 

Being one of the top NGO in India, we, at Annamrita Foundation, focus our efforts on not just serving nutrition to those in need, but also providing transparency and accountability for every rupee that you donate online to charity.