Annamrita is an NGO in India fighting against all odds to defeat hunger

Annamrita is an NGO in India fighting against all odds to defeat hunger

  • Sep 12, 2020
  • - by Annamrita

Over the past decades, lakhs of NGOs and activists have dedicated their lives to battling hunger and making the nation hunger-free. One such NGO in India is Annamrita Foundation. Formerly called ISKCON Food Relief Foundation, Annamrita was founded in 2004 to support the government’s mid-day meal scheme. Over the course of 16 years, we became one of the best NGO for children in India by ensuring consistent nutrition, taste, and quality of food provided to schools. 

However, owing to the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting lockdown, schools were forced to shut down across India. As a result, lakhs of families lost access to daily nutrition. Children who were benefiting from the mid day meal scheme were the worst hit among those. Since the beginning of the lockdown, we have battled the odds to defeat hunger. 

With expertise in nutrition and providing food on a large-scale, we leveraged our kitchens to cook one-pot meals to feed different sections of the society that were affected by the lockdown. While the lockdown may have been lifted, you can donate online to us to be a part of the battle against hunger. 

We were not the only NGO in Mumbai fighting for this cause. In partnership with various organizations, in Mumbai and areas around it, we launched the municipal staff feeding program to deliver nutrition to all the backbone workers who support the city’s foundation. In addition, the hospital staff feeding program proved pivotal in providing nutrition to doctors, nurses, pathologists, lab assistants, and back-office teams in hospitals. While their strive was endless, nutrition was an obstacle and we used your online donation to help them. 

The third program we launched was Food for Life. Based on the core principles of the NGOs in India, Food for Life focuses on providing nutrition to nearly everyone affected by the pandemic. This covers daily wage laborers, street vendors, migrant laborers, quarantine patients, and slum dwellers among many others. In this pursuit, we delivered wholesome khichdi cooked under hygienic conditions to over 1.8 crore people across 17 cities in India. 

In order to stay compliant with the new regulations, all our kitchen staff underwent training to ensure that the best practices were followed. This included periodic sanitizing, cleaning, wearing masks and gloves at all times, and many more. When you choose to donate money online to the Annamrita Foundation, you did not merely help us feed someone in need, but also played an important role in making India hunger-free.