Donation is not for Benefit is more than charity | 5 reasons for Food Donation

Five Reasons You Should Donate Food

  • Dec 15, 2020
  • - by Annamrita

We live in a developing and technologically-powered world where enough food is produced to feed the entire population. Yet, with all means at our disposal, wastefulness and hunger coexist in this world. That is why food donation is more than charity-work. It is a win-win model of becoming an agent of change. Lending a feeding hand does not just benefit the recipient, it benefits the donor by improving the physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

  1. Enjoy that feeling of being a “good samaritan”

Online donations always have a feel-good vibe around them. It kindles a different kind of peace and positivity. Involving yourself in any food donation activity is a great way of giving back to the community and expressing gratitude. After all, you are providing the service of the greatest kind – healthy food to the hungry. Spreading goodwill never goes unnoticed because of the social approval associated with helping others.

  1. Witness the impact of putting food directly on the table

Apprehensions and other stigmas are associated when donating to charity. How is the resource used? Where does the funding go? Whom does it reach? There are many similar questions that plague the donor’s mind. Online meal donation, however, makes sure that they will reach the intended individuals and families. And it is a simple task too. You can have surplus food owing to short shelf life, imperfections, or over-ordering. Instead of putting it away in garbage bags, you can clear your cabinets by donating it.

  1. Become Socially Responsible

Hosting a giving tree or organizing a fundraiser to donate food is a great way of bringing together families, friends, associates, employees, and even customers as a social initiative. You can become socially responsible by helping in various ways – eliminating nutrition-deficiency diseases, developing a community-oriented mindset, and teaching the next generation the importance of giving and appreciation. Apart from helping families in crisis, an online donation can improve agricultural and food production, building resilience in communities.

  1. Feed people to feed the economy

As Virginia Woolf said, “one cannot think well, love well, or sleep well if one has not dined well”. Food is the foundation of every human capability. Hunger and malnutrition have a ripple effect that slows the productivity of children in schools and adults in jobs. As a result, food donation ensures that a lack of reliable meals is never a barrier to education, health, and economic status. Donating food not only fuels economic progress at the macro level, but it also helps you save disposal costs and entitles tax deductions with proper receipts.  

  1. Reduce your environmental impact

Food wastage is a major source of environmental contamination, be it air, water, or soil. Donation of surplus food can eliminate the methane emissions produced by rotting food. The reduced volume of food in landfills also helps combat climate change by reducing the greenhouse emissions associated with food waste. At the least, your vicinity is cleared off from possible infestations and pest nuisance.

Your online charity donations can help someone enjoy a hearty, nutritious meal. Simply put, by donating, you send a message to someone else in the community that you care.

You can start replacing hunger with hope and health today by joining hands with Annamrita. We are a pan-India NGO working tirelessly to feed the undernourished and battle hunger one meal at a time. Your online charity donations can help us serve hygienic, nutritious, and wholesome food to the neediest.