Novartis and Annamrita collaborate to give food relief packages during Covid 19

Novartis and Annamrita join forces to provide food relief packages during COVID-19

  • Jun 08, 2021
  • - by Annamrita

Food is a basic necessity. While many are blessed to enjoy a full-course meal every day, millions are left hungry. The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic has escalated the shortage of daily nourishment of food for the lesser privileged by leaps and bounds. Needless to say, the numbers for hungry population in India is soaring high due to this ongoing pandemic.  In order to combat this food deficiency, Novartis has joined hands with Annamrita Foundation, one of the leading food NGOs in India to nourish the nation back to health.

As a part of Annamrita’s Hospital Healthcare Staff Feeding ProgrammeNovartis has collaborated with our NGO team to sponsor meals starting from the month of April 2021. Novartis is on a mission to deliver the best care to people while partnering with Annamrita Foundation and also providing wholesome food relief packages to fight hunger amidst the pandemic.

Under this thoughtful approach, Novartis has successfully funded 90,000 wholesome full meals as Corona food relief packages at hospitals and Covid care centres completed the food kit distribution in various centers in Mumbai. The meals consist of dal, roti, rice, sabji, salad, and achar. These Covid-19 food relief packages are being served to the hospital staff like doctors, nurses, paramedics, ward boys who are working tirelessly atCovid care hospitals across Mumbai.

While previously focused on serving mid-day meals to students at Municipal and aided schools across India, Annamrita realizes the importance of nutrition during the COVID-19 pandemic. For providing the best nutrition through Corona food relief packages to the people, Annamrita is utilizing its high-tech kitchens to prepare hot and fresh meals and leveraging their volunteers and teammates network to distribute them. 

Due to the influx of COVID patients as well as the frontline workers like hospital staff and caregivers, access to nutrition and home-cooked meals has become difficult. Annamrita Foundation has identified the need to serve nutrition to such people and has initiated various projects like Hospital Healthcare Staff Feeding Programme, Operation Karuna, and Kit of Joy.

While the government is dealing with the rising numbers of cases through many initiatives, Annamrita Foundation too has strengthened its vision to revive India. Annamrita is determined to fight hunger amidst the ongoing pandemic and is grateful to enterprises like Novartis that help them further with the vision of making India hunger-free and strong.

As of now, Annamrita Foundation has successfully served cooked nutritious meals to over two crore people across fourteen cities in India since the onset of the pandemic. And will continue to empower, nourish and restore the spirit and people of the nation..

Be a part of the change and help Annamrita fight against hunger.

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