Donate to Charity and Spread Smiles this New Year

Re-imagining the idea of happiness with charity

  • Feb 07, 2023
  • - by Annamrita

Did you know – when you make a donation to a needy person, your brain releases the same signals of satisfaction that you feel when you enjoy your favorite dish/food? Yes, it is true. Thanks to fMRI technology, researchers can address brain activities when acts like charity donations are made. As per a study on charitable giving, it is observed that the midbrain region of the brain lights up when a person donates to a worthy cause or to the needy.

Now the question is – how does donation make you happy and satisfied? For some, the reason is quite clear but for some, the answer to this is still not exact. There are numerous reasons why giving back to others can make the donor happy. It is believed that the energy you get after donating time and energy to the needy is a wonderful part of our physiology that makes you naturally altruistic. 

To better understand where these feelings come from and how you can continue to benefit from them, here we are exploring some points – how to maximize your happiness through online charity donations.

Donate frequently in smaller amounts

Rather than facing pressure to donate a lump sum amount at once, try to divide that donation into multiple installments. For instance, if you are planning to donate Rs 10,000 every six months, then divide this amount into 6 small installments so that you will be able to experience the satisfaction of giving every month. Moreover, you will also not feel any pressure of donating a big amount at once.

Give when you know who will benefit from your donation

Donating blindly to any other charity box doesn’t make any sense. If you are donating to a cause, then it is your duty to research for the best available option in terms of charity donations. Try to go with the NGOs and nonprofits that work in collaboration with the government. An NGO named; Annamrita Foundation is one of the well-known platforms where you can be part of different programs like mid-day meal, tithi bhoj, khichdi drive, etc. Moreover, if you know the name, age, and picture of the person who will benefit from your donation, you tend to donate 60% more.

Giving is beneficial to our health

The act of donating is directly linked to making improvements in your overall health, as per many studies. Donating, according to researchers, may improve physical health and longevity by reducing stress, which is linked to a variety of health problems.

Giving to charity helps to build and strengthen communities

The Covid 19 pandemic has inspired many of us to look more closely at our communities and consider how we can help. Giving to charity, especially locally, can be an effective way to invest in the people and places that make up your daily lives. Depending on your location, you should donate your money or time in order to multiply your positive impact and strengthen your community. Making corporate charity donations or just investing your time in enhancing the efforts of an NGO, it’s up to you how to be a part of a cause. A small effort can make a big impact.

Giving to charity helps to strengthen personal values

According to many research reports, the most frequently cited reason for charitable giving is because of the sense of social conscience. Whatever type of charity work you support, 96% of people feel a moral obligation to help others – a sentiment deeply rooted in their personal values and principles. To many people, having the ability to improve the lives of others is a privilege that comes with a sense of obligation. Acting on these strong feelings of responsibility is a great way to reinforce your personal values and feel like you are living your lives in accordance with your beliefs.

It’s time to get intentional

The act of giving and happiness have an undeniable connection. If one needs to be happy, one must begin by being generous. When you only think about yourselves, you exaggerate your problems. The more you consider them, the more important they become. When you focus on other people, you take your attention away from your own issues. When you give to those who are less fortunate, it helps to put your problems into perspective. Knowing you helped someone else or gave something to make someone else happy will make you feel better about yourself, which will lead to happiness.

Give today for someone’s tomorrow

Charity donations can make a significant difference in the lives of others. Its positive impact on the donor as well as the receivers serves as the icing on the cake. One of the most rewarding aspects of giving back to others through donations or volunteer work is seeing how your efforts affect the lives of others. Witnessing visible changes in which you played a role is critical to maintaining a sense of purpose and identity.