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Undernourishment means that a person is unable to acquire enough food to meet the daily minimum dietary energy requirements. Food and Agriculture Organization defines hunger as being synonymous with chronic undernourishment. India has been growing steadily richer in recent years, but it still has more malnourished people, especially children, than any other country. And, this situation has dire outcomes over time.

The risks of mortality are significantly higher for children with stunted growth and wasting and other forms of undernutrition. Sometimes, deficiencies of specific nutrients, such as zinc, iron or vitamins can increase the risk of death or other serious ailments. In addition to mortality risks, malnourishment among children can have severe consequences in their long term development.

On a broader picture, hunger and malnourishment lead to reduced school attendance and educational milestones leading to lower literacy among poor students. People with undernourishment in their early years have been noticed to be under-performers in education and career over the years. Furthermore, studies have identified that stunting is a predictor of grade failure.

Of the 16 crore undernourished children, half of them attend anganwadis/balwadis where the meals served to them do not meet the set nutritional and hygiene requirements for the children. In light of this situation, Annamrita Foundation, an NGO that focuses on education for poor students<, in collaboration with the Government of India, has resolved to provide high quality and sanctified food straight out of ISO certified kitchens to children.

The NGO for children is prepared in centralized hi-tech kitchens using the best cooking equipment in the most effective, efficient, and hygienic manner in compliance with all the set ISO regulations.

Our vision is to serve nutritious and sanctified high quality food to the underprivileged children in India. In line with the objectives of the mid day meal project, our goal is to increase enrolment in schools, reduce malnutrition and ensure no child is deprived of education due to poverty and hunger.

We are in the process of expanding our project to cover 1.5 million daily meals by 2020.

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