Why should you volunteer with Annamrita? | Annamrita Foundation

Why should you volunteer with Annamrita? | Annamrita

  • Feb 16, 2018
  • - by Annamrita

We have heard the best things in life are for free. We would say, only if you know what the best things are, can you get them for yourself and appreciate them.

Volunteering with an NGO is such an experience that you would like to put under the category of best things. And if you don’t try it at least once in your life you would have missed a lot.

Here’s why we think you should definitely volunteer an NGO at least once in your lifetime.


The best thing about volunteering is that it brings people of different races, cultures, thoughts, ideas, religions, and ages together under one roof and it’s a splash of interactions and mingling. When you work together, eat and laugh together, it inculcates a great sense of belonging and freedom to be the best version of oneself. Want unity at its best? Volunteer at an NGO. Make new friends from different parts of the world who share the same vision as you.


Your thoughts and the cause you support reflect and build who you are. Working with an NGO gives you an amazing opportunity to introspect and develop yourself and also gives you something to fight for, something to believe in. There is a wide variety of causes to volunteer with, so find a cause close to your heart and select the right NGO – be it volunteering for health-related issues, children, women’s rights, animals, climate, or nutrition. PICK A CAUSE.


If you have volunteered with an NGO, it can be readily assumed that you have good social and communication skills, a hard worker and a people person. Now all these skills definitely won’t hurt your resume in the future. With CSR as the future for all companies you definitely need to know your social sector. (Ready to get employed just anywhere.)


It is one thing to get a view of the world through media, books, and talks and it is another thing to see it firsthand through an NGO. It widens your perspective on how you perceive things. It is easy to just write a cheque or generalize on negative public opinions but it is best to actually become a part of the process and understand the intricacies of each NGOs Functioning.

Different NGOs have different volunteering requirements. Here with this children NGO, we offer a more well rounded 360-degree exposure. It is not a one-off activity but more of an involvement that is expected.

A minimum one-month volunteering/ internship provides the volunteer with experience in office tasks as well as field tasks. People get a chance to use their skill sets to aid Annamrita as well. So whether you have digital marketing expertise or financial knowledge or can just capture the best pictures we will find a way to put your skills to good use.

At the end of the experience, you get an Experience certificate and memories that will last you a lifetime.

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with Annamrita on [email protected] and come be a part of a healthy cause.