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In the words of our partners, supporters and beneficiaries, here is what Annamrita has

Over the years, we have earned several accolades and awards. As honored as we feel about them, the kind words spoken by those around us are truly rewarding.

Here is what several honorable people and various stakeholders have to say about us


Every day I take khichdi full dabba. I like Annmarita khichdi very much. It is very tasty and very hot. I enjoyed eating khichdi a lot during my break time. Once I have taken some khichdi home for my father, he also likes the khichdi. My parents are very happy with the taste and quality of khichdi”

- Sujal Yadav

My father has a mobile repair shop and my mother is at home only. After tea in the morning I directly eat the khichdi in the lunch break. I look forward to the lunch break as I get to get the meal with all my friends. The khichdi is very filling and we can eat as much as we like

- Shaikh Mohammed Zakaria Tanvir
STD IV - R.J.J. Primary School


My father works in Garage and my mother is housewife. My sisters and I are studying in this school, we all leave home at 7am. Lunch break is the one time we get hot full meals. My sister and I love the pulao and my elder sister loves the sheera very much. We are very thankful to Annamrita for this service without which we would not get such big lunch everyday

- Chaya Pednekar
STD III Adarsh High School