Young Champs | Annamrita Testimonials

In the words of our partners, supporters and beneficiaries, here is what Annamrita has

Over the years, we have earned several accolades and awards. As honored as we feel about them, the kind words spoken by those around us are truly rewarding.

Here is what several honorable people and various stakeholders have to say about us


The work Annamrita does is inspiring. Feeding meals to hungry children and the less fortunate is such a noble cause. If by my small efforts I was able to make such an impact then I would urge more kids to come out and lend a hand. I feel it’s a brilliant effort and everyone should help Annamrita out.

- Mukul Khanna

“While working on a blog posting in France, I learnt about the mid-day meal programme in India and Annamrita. I was amazed to see that with only 450 rupees (6 euros), we can create such a big impact for children! This is why I really wanted to start a fundraiser to support the programme. I do believe, education is the best way to get the country out of poverty but it will take time and it’s thanks to nonprofits like Annamrita that the situation will improve.”

- Thibaut Gougeon


I interned with the Annamrita team for 6 months. The work that they do is amazing. Through my interactions with the children during this period I realized how what role a wholesome meal plays for them in their daily life. Their khichdi drives are fun and a unique way of exposing corporates to the work they do. Their team is a dedicated lot of individuals committed to this mission. I can’t imagine waking up at 2 30 in the morning to prepare a meal and they do that every single day for lakhs of children. They are an NGO but they function as efficiently and in an organized manner as a corporate

- Dhavaal Shah