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Annamrita, a top NGO in India, ensures complete hygiene while cooking for those in need. Here’s how.

For centuries, several activists, social workers, and organizations have dedicated themselves to a mission against hunger. They have worked to ensure that those in need… Read More

Annamrita, an NGO in India is making miracles happen during a pandemic

So much has changed since a pandemic set in. There was a lockdown, which led to lakhs of people losing their jobs and sources of… Read More

6 Reasons you should make a charity donation to Annamrita

For several years now, numerous organizations have set out on the battle to make India hunger-free. One such organization is Annamrita Foundation, formerly known as… Read More

Annamrita is an NGO in India fighting against all odds to defeat hunger

Over the past decades, lakhs of NGOs and activists have dedicated their lives to battling hunger and making the nation hunger-free. One such NGO in… Read More

Online donation platforms, like Annamrita, bring more transparency to Indian philanthropy. Here’s how.

Philanthropy has been an integral part of Indian culture for centuries. It has shown the true potential of mankind when the times are hard and… Read More

How Annamrita uses your online donation to fight the COVID-19 pandemic

When India implemented a lockdown on 24th March 2020, lakhs of people who lived on daily wages came face to face with their worst nightmares—no… Read More

Cheerful Pallavi cruising her way to a bright future – Annamrita Hope Stories

There is no elevator to success; one has to take the stairs. Well, this one would rather take the train. Meet Pallavi Anil Ebhad, a… Read More

Thoughtful Dilnawaz – Mission to heal the world – Annamrita Hope Stories

Dilnawaz Shamsher Khan, his name itself reveals a glimpse of his dreams. For he aspires to someday become a Doctor and serve people, help lives… Read More

Yasmin Bhaddha talks about her donation experience | Annamrita

For every bite of food gone waste, there is a life that could have been saved. And for every penny spent so carelessly, there's a… Read More

Acknowledging the bold spirit of a young boy – Annamrita Hope Stories

A class five student of Z.P. School of Kharadpada in Palghar district, Anish Arun is a young man protectively taking his dreams forth beyond the… Read More