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3 questions to ask before you donate to food NGOs in India

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How charity donation can benefit your business?

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Gifting acceptance, inclusion, and empowerment through Annamrita

Diversity means being composed of differing elements or people. It’s an everlasting characteristic of every establishment, community, workplace, or nation. Read More

Has COVID-19 changed charity donation in India?

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Five Reasons You Should Donate Food

We live in a developing and technologically-powered world where enough food is produced to feed the entire population. Yet, with all means at our disposal,… Read More

Pandemic woes: Millions of families still starving

Hunger, and not the virus, is killing India The COVID-19 pandemic has reportedly aggravated food insecurity in India while exposing the vulnerability of the national… Read More

Annamrita, a top NGO in India, ensures complete hygiene while cooking for those in need. Here’s how.

For centuries, several activists, social workers, and organizations have dedicated themselves to a mission against hunger. They have worked to ensure that those in need… Read More

Annamrita, an NGO in India is making miracles happen during a pandemic

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6 Reasons you should make a charity donation to Annamrita

For several years now, numerous organizations have set out on the battle to make India hunger-free. One such organization is Annamrita Foundation, formerly known as… Read More

Annamrita is an NGO in India fighting against all odds to defeat hunger

Over the past decades, lakhs of NGOs and activists have dedicated their lives to battling hunger and making the nation hunger-free. One such NGO in… Read More